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Flash Music Report

Interactive e-Learning Piano Tutor for Children: with MIDI Connectivity


Psychologists and educators have long recognised the impact of music tutoring on children’s intellectual and emotional development.  Piano tutoring in specific can improve a student’s dexterity, coordination, self-esteem, abstract reasoning, creative abilities and personal expression.  However, the cost of music tutoring can be substantial, which denies a huge number of children these benefits…

Click here to download the Flash Music full report (pdf)

Flash Music & MIDI Keyboard

Flash Music connected to a Korg Nano MIDI keyboard


Flash Music Alpha Online

Flash Music Alpha is now availble to use for free online!

Flash Music 'Keys to Score' Game

Flash Music 'Keys to Score' Game

The piano tutoring application can be interacted with using a MIDI keyboard or a QWERTY keyboard / mouse.

Click here to try Flash Music!

  • You will require the latest Flash Player & Java Plugin
  • Remember to connect your MIDI keyboard before you open Flash Music
  • If you do not have a MIDI keyboard use your mouse or click ‘QWERTY’ to use your character keyboard
  • You may only run the ‘Keys to Score’ game at the moment
  • Please report any problems or bugs!